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Frequently Asked Questions

Good University is a 12 month online career development program. We are the first school to guarantee career readiness or we will give you back your upfront tuition. Find out more about our FocusDegrees, from or develop artificial intelligence programs.

No, GoodU is offered only online.

GoodU is a 12 month online program that helps you find and pursue your dream career. Through weekly live classes, unlimited access to job training and personalized career plans, GoodU is the smartest way to get a job that works for you. At the start of your program, you’ll take a career assessment to gauge your interests, your values, your workplace history and priorities in life. After that, you’ll get a personalized weekly plan, unlimited access to live classes with GoodU advisors, and unlimited access to over 5,000 job training courses.

Coursework includes a mix of professional career counseling, office hours with course instructors, live conversation classes with an advisor, online lessons, homework and checkpoints.

We offer FocusDegrees. We provide a satisfaction guarantee. If you have prepaid your tuition or pay your tuition monthly before you graduate, and if you do 80% of the work, 80% of the time and aren’t satisfied with your career path at the end of your first year at GoodU, we will give you your tuition back.

Tuition is only $5,000 a year and includes career counseling and online teacher office hours.

There is a form on our website. Fill it out and pick which payment plan works best for you, either a one time payment of $5000, or you may be eligible for the ISA program. You’ll then take a personalized career assessment test, and pick the best career path for you. You’ll then pick the times that work best for you for your GoodU Advisor lead classes. Click here to get started.