Education needs a reboot!

At Good University we are passionate about the need to upgrade to Education 2.0—a higher education system designed to help students thrive and not just survive.  By revamping career-driven higher education we will change lives, create jobs and illuminate paths into the workforce by making education affordable, accessible and achievable. 

At Good University, we’ve reimagined Higher Education, for the 21st Century.  Throughout this blog, you’ll find our thoughts, and actions, on career-driven higher education. We will also give you the facts about the current student loan debt crisis, hacks to the ridiculous (and unnecessary) high cost of tuition, the job skills gap (it’s real), and  Education Intelligence connecting Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to learning. 

Frankly, we feel for you. The average student (maybe you) is more than $40K+ in debt upon graduation. 18% of students still do not graduate within 4 years, and those that do graduate don’t have the requisite skills to get a good job.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Good University will show you how and why. We take your life events as they happen and tie them into education, your dream career opportunities, and replacing degrees with guarantees.

But we can’t do it alone.  We need you to GET INVOLVED!  PARTICIPATE! We want to do more than talk about jobs.  We want to spark a movement toward bridging the job-skills gap. And for that we need YOU.  Help us spread the word by sharing posts. Ask us questions and leave comments. 

We’d like to start our conversation with a question. Wouldn’t it be awesome to measure success by the number of people who are happy because they’re in a career they love? Wouldn’t it be amazing to give people the power to change their outcomes?

Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear your thoughts (we know you have them) in the Comments below.